Home Care Telehealth Can Help Your Parent’s Well-Being


Do you worry about your parent’s safety and well-being when they’re at home by themselves? You’re not alone. It’s normal to think about whether they’re okay or if they’ve remembered to take their medications.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch over your parent at all hours of the day and night. Even if you act as a caregiver, you still have your own job, kids and responsibilities to tend to. So, what is the next best thing? The answer is Ethos Home Care’s telehealth services.

What is Telehealth in Home Care?

Telehealth is designed to help monitor your loved one’s health remotely, so they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home to receive the care and support they need. With this easy to use technology, your parent can connect with their licensed care team face-to-face as needed and we can monitor their health and vital signs through their devices.

If health needs arise, you have the peace of mind that we’ll be there to get your parent the care they need.

How Telehealth Works at Ethos Home Care

At Ethos Home Care, we know that your parent’s health and safety are top priority. You want to know your dad is taking his medications like he should and that your mom’s blood pressure is being monitored regularly. That’s what our telehealth services are all about.

When appropriate or if your parent’s doctor orders it, we are able to put telehealth in place for your parent at no extra cost to them under their Medicare coverage. After we deliver your loved one a telehealth kit right to their front door, they’ll have access to a wide range of services:

Vital Monitoring

Your parent’s telehealth kit will include a touchscreen tablet that has the capability for our nurses to monitor blood pressure, oxygen levels and their weight, depending on what your parent’s health needs are.

According to Cassie Zielke, Administrator at Ethos Home Care and Hospice, this constant monitoring of vitals is extremely beneficial to a client’s current and future health.

“We’re able to see what’s going on with those clients on a daily basis,” Cassie explained. “If we see a concern, we can reach back out to that client or we can get a nurse out to see them right away, so that we are preventing a rehospitalization or any advancing disease process.”

Nurse Contact Through Video Portal

If your loved one has questions or needs immediate assistance, they can reach out to a nurse through the telehealth tablet’s video portal. A nurse is always available to answer the call to either help your parent right away or request additional assistance, if needed.

COVID-19 Screening

Just like if your parent were to walk into a doctor’s office today, their telehealth tablet will ask them screening questions every day to help identify symptoms of COVID-19. If your parent answers “yes” to any of these screening questions, Ethos Home Care will be able to respond appropriately to care for your parent and manage their symptoms.

Medication Cues and Monitoring

Does your parent have one, two or several medications they need to take on a daily basis? Remembering to take these medications and following the dosage as instructed can be difficult, which is why our telehealth services include medication monitoring.

“We will implement in the system cues for the client as to what medications and when they are supposed to take them,” Cassie explained. “If they don’t go in and check that off [on their tablet], we go through to make sure they did take that medication and follow up through a call or video visit.”

Education Specific to Your Parent’s Needs

Beyond vital checks, screenings and medication reminders, your parent’s telehealth tablet helps educate them more on their specific healthcare needs. Whether your parent suffers from congestive heart failure or is recovering from a joint replacement, we can add articles and other resources to the portal that your parent can read and reference whenever they want.

“We can go through and designate specific education - whether it be nutrition, things to be looking out for or symptoms they should be reporting to our staff as a concern area - to really help them become an advocate for themselves,” Cassie said.

3 Benefits of Telehealth for Seniors

Recent research has found that telehealth home care services provide positive patient outcomes, such as increased patient monitoring, improved doctor patient communication and reductions in hospital admissions.

Through Ethos Home Care’s telehealth services, your parent would be able to experience the following benefits:

  • Healthcare from the Comfort of Their Own Home. Your parent won’t have to worry about people coming in and out of their home on a regular basis. They’ll be able to speak with nurses and monitor vitals right through their telehealth device.
  • Peace of Mind. Forget about worrying day in and day out about your parent’s well-being. Telehealth services can help your parent feel better about their own health and give you relief knowing they can quickly receive the care they need when they need it.
  • Lower Risk of Rehospitalizations. Nurses who are monitoring your parent’s vitals through telehealth technology will be able to catch any growing health problems. Catching issues earlier allows us to manage them sooner and helps your loved one avoid the hospital.

Find Out More about Telehealth from Ethos Care

At Ethos Home Care, our top priority is the health and safety of all of our clients, including your parent. If you think your loved one may benefit from receiving our telehealth services, please contact us today at 701-356-3803 and we will gladly talk with you more in detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon!