Spiritual Care

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"Wherever you are, we'll meet you there and we walk with you as you go through life."

- Pastor Tessa Hanson, Ethos Hospice and Home Care Chaplain 


What is spiritual care? 

Spiritual care means supporting patients, residents and their families as they navigate their day-to-day lives, challenges and transitions.  

Chaplains and volunteer chaplains provide Bible study and worship. They also meet with residents and patients one-on-one for spiritual guidance and counseling, devotions, prayer and conversation. 

Is spiritual care at Knute Nelson just for Lutherans? 

Spiritual care is open to all residents and patients regardless of their faith tradition. It is central to the care we provide.  

Where can I receive spiritual care? 

  • Assisted living 

  • Enhanced assisted living 

  • Hospice 

  • Memory care 

  • Care Center 

Spiritual care in hospice 

Chaplains walk with patients and their families as they approach and move through the end of life. That can mean lending a listening ear, talking, singing, devotions, sharing stories or simply sitting side by side.