What Ethos Hospice Care Is Like: A Hospice Experience Testimonial


When a loved one is in their final stage of life - due to an advanced or terminal illness - the focus must quickly shift to their overall comfort and quality of life. At Ethos Hospice Care, we believe that while your loved one may be faced with a limited life expectancy, their life certainly isn’t over yet.

We help every patient live fully up until their final moments, surrounded by loved ones and supported by our devoted care team.

While finding the right hospice care is a big decision, it helps to get a first-hand perspective of a family who has just completed their hospice experience.

Read about Kristen Feldy-Niles’ experience with Ethos Hospice Care when her father, Bruce Feldy, was in the care of Ethos toward the end of his life:

Your Loved One’s Life is Supported and Celebrated by Ethos Hospice Care

For years Bruce had struggled with the natural complications associated with diabetes and getting older.

His daughter Kristen worked tirelessly to care for him after her mother passed, but after one telling conversation, they both agreed that it was time to begin looking for professional assistance to better meet Bruce’s care needs.

Kristen recalled the conversation progressing organically, “I think I need to be on hospice,” her father stated. “Are you suffering?” she replied, “Are you having pain…has something changed?” Her father simply offered back, “No, I just...” and it was in that moment she began to realize that her father was losing his will to live.

She recalled; activities of daily living (ADLs) became far too difficult for him. “And so, we put a call into Tammy [the Community Liaison with Ethos Home Care and Hospice] and they came and evaluated him, and my father had a lot of other physical problems, so he was a candidate definitely.”

It is in these moments that Ethos Hospice Care is best prepared to help you navigate the hospice care process and deliver compassionate support and complete benefits. We understand you will have questions, and we’re here to address every concern and unknown during these initial, difficult conversations about hospice and the process.

Our focus is always on the patient and how we can ease their transition into our services while also working with their loved ones to ensure every need is addressed.

Kristen and Bruce simply appreciated having Ethos there to help them along the way.

“Ethos came in and set everything up, and then as things got progressively worse, care was upped and amped…which was really kind of nice. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, we’re going to start shoving morphine down your gullet,’ and this, that, and the other thing. And the other thing we really liked [was that Ethos was] very willing to hear us out as far as concerns or what to do or what not to do [with] his care.”

Our team of hospice care specialists work to properly assess the entire situation and ease your loved one into a level of care that best suits their precise needs. We encourage them to continue living their own life.

This is achieved by working hand-in-hand with our patients and their families to construct a care plan that specifically addresses their individual medical issues and unique personal preferences and needs.

“[The Ethos hospice team] loved my dad, the people took care of him, I clearly knew that. They were, like I say, great on communication. So, my dad loved the nurses, love the CNAs. Tara talked with him every day and relayed to me. I did not worry.”

For Kristen, it was simple. She loved her father and truly appreciated the way Ethos made caring for her dad a priority.

“He was the number one concern,” she recalled and genuinely appreciated that personal touch. It made transitioning him into hospice easier to adjust to and her father’s final days as comfortable and compassionate as she could have hoped for.

Ethos Hospice Care Provides Support, Comfort and Dignity through Devoted End-of-Life-Care

As you begin to weigh your options when it comes to hospice care, you may find yourself with more questions than you initially expected.

Will my loved one receive the personal attention they deserve and need? Will I be able to feel comfortable leaving my loved one’s needs to a hospice care team?

With compassion driving our every action, we work to facilitate constant communication with the families we connect with – taking all your concerns to heart and making sure your loved one’s needs are constantly monitored and met.

If you’re considering Ethos hospice care , or think you might in the future, we’re here to answer all your questions. Contact us to learn more about our hospice care near you. 701.204.6078