Why Gratitude Works for Senior Health


Think back to the most recent time you felt grateful for something. Maybe it was this morning when you woke up to see the sun shining or perhaps last week when a kind stranger held the door for you at the supermarket. When you slow down to think about it, you probably have a lot to be grateful for every single day!

Cultivating gratitude is actually easy to experience and can benefit both your mental and physical health. All you have to do is take a few moments every day and focus on all that you have and everything you’re grateful for. Changing your mindset to focus on what you’re thankful for is one the simplest ways you can improve your overall satisfaction with life.

5 Benefits of Gratitude for Seniors

Adopting a more optimistic, grateful approach to life can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Here are just some of the many benefits you may experience when you start to focus more on the good than the bad:

  1. Gratitude Can Help You Sleep Better. Research shows that when you’re feeling grateful, you can actually sleep better and for longer. Having an influx of positive thoughts before you go to sleep can help calm your mind. One way to practice gratitude and boost your sleep quality is to write down five things you were grateful for during the day right before you go to bed.
  2. Gratitude Can Improve Self-Care. Research has shown that those who are more grateful tend to have better physical and psychological health. When you maintain a more positive mindset and feel greater purpose in your day to day, you’re more likely to take better care of yourself and stay healthy.
  3. Gratitude Can Spark New Relationships. When you take time to do something as simple as say “thank you” to a new acquaintance and treat them well, it can make them more likely to want an ongoing relationship with you. Acknowledge other people’s contributions, speaking to them with respect and treating them well will make you a more attractive person to be around and spark fulfilling friendships.
  4. Gratitude Can Help Improve Mental Strength. Being an overall grateful person not only reduces stress, but can also help you overcome traumatizing or difficult times in your life. When you regularly recognize everything that you’re grateful for, you’re helping yourself build resilience and boost your ability to mentally overcome life’s challenges.
  5. Gratitude Can Provide You with Long-Lasting Happiness. Practicing gratitude can lead to a more sustainable form of happiness. This is because it involves changing your frame of mind and doesn’t focus on immediate gratification. Meaning, if you make time to express gratitude regularly, you may become on overall happier you.

Ways to Express Gratitude Every Day

Now that you’re familiar with all of the ways expressing gratitude can enhance your overall wellbeing, here are some simple ways to practice gratitude regularly:

  • Say Something Nice to Others – This might be the simplest way to show gratitude to someone else. You can simply say something kind to another person to express your gratitude towards them.
  • Write Daily in a Gratitude Journal – Take time to write down the people, events, activities and belongings you are grateful for every day. This helps you focus more of your time and energy on the good in your life.
  • Check in on Loved Ones – This is another easy way to let someone know you’re thankful for them. Send an email, write a letter or simply pick up the phone and call a loved one or friend to express your gratitude.
  • Be Thoughtful of Others – While it’s important to take care of yourself, it’s also important to think of others and their feelings. Try to be more mindful before you act or speak and think about how your own behaviors may impact those around you.

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