What is Wellness and Why it Matters for Seniors


“What is wellness, exactly?”

It’s a really good question and one that can have a lot of different answers. Odds are you’ve heard the term “wellness” often throughout your lifetime. Whether it was your parents telling you to eat your vegetables as a kid or your dentist encouraging you to brush and floss twice a day, there’s always been a heavy focus on keeping yourself well. But what does it mean to actually practice wellness?

According to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, there are eight dimensions of wellness that create a holistic integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The different dimensions of wellness are not only about being the healthiest version of yourself, but are also about living your life in a fulfilling way.

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

  1. Physical. This dimension involves taking care of your body to help yourself remain healthy. It’s very important to get an adequate amount of exercise, especially as you age. Physical activity helps to keep your body functioning in a normal, healthy capacity. Take daily walks around the block, go biking or join an exercise class to keep you moving.
  2. Intellectual. It’s important to grow intellectually, maintain your curiosity and value lifelong learning. This dimension keeps your mind sharp as you age, expanding your knowledge and skills. You can maintain your intellectual wellness by studying a foreign language, taking a class on a subject you’re interested in and reading.
  3. Emotional. A large part of being in an overall state of well-being is understanding and respecting your feelings, attitudes and values. It’s important to be able to manage your emotions in a constructive way and to have an overall positive outlook on life. It might be beneficial to write down your feelings in a daily journal or find someone you trust that you can regularly converse with to share your experiences and feelings.
  4. Social. Being socially active is crucial to the state of your mental and emotional health. You should do your best to maintain healthy relationships and friendships and enjoy being with others. Maybe you set aside time each week to have a phone call with a family member or you regularly attend a workout class with a friend to remain socially active.
  5. Spiritual. It’s common to look for purpose or meaning in your life. Whether you are religious or not, it’s important for you to participate in activities that support your beliefs and values. If you are religious, maybe you make attending a spiritual service every week a part of your normal routine.
  6. Vocational. This dimension involves you partaking in work that provides you with personal satisfaction and helps enhance your life, values and goals. To fulfill this vocational dimension of wellness, try volunteering for an organization you’re passionate about. You can also share your talents with others to help them grow in their own intellectual wellness. For example, if you like to paint, teach your friends how to paint a photo they can hang in their home.
  7. Financial. Managing your finances allows you to live within your means and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Managing your personal finances yourself or having someone you trust do it for you is crucial to being financially secure. When you have a clear understanding of your personal finances, you can make realistic, informed financial decisions that aid all the other dimensions of wellness mentioned above.
  8. Environmental. This dimension revolves around understanding your physical environment and the effects your daily habits have on it. A component of achieving an overall state of well-being involves doing your part to help contribute to the environment. Maybe you make an effort to recycle more or make sustainable changes in your lifestyle.

Practice the 8 Dimensions of Wellness at Ethos Care

At Ethos Care, we do our best to incorporate the eight dimensions of wellness into all of our services and amenities for residents to take advantage of. Our home care services are full of opportunities for patients to better themselves and work towards a healthier state of wellbeing.

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